ACK Contractors

Quotation; Contact Colin or Michelle for a free quote for your driveway, car parking, excavation or asphalt needs. We will come out to you discuss your requirements, measure up the job and take necessary photos. We will then get back to you within a week with your competitive quote.

Once approved, we will agree on a date for commencement and discuss the process of the job and timeline including access.

Excavation: A digger is used to remove materials and soil to a suitable subgrade level, then it is back filled with a base course which is compacted down. We can use timber boxing or a kerb and channel of concrete, the choice is yours. We apply a hard fill that needs to dry hard ready for the asphalt

Asphalt: The ACK Contractors team will then come out to your site after 3 days – week, depending on drying conditions, to lay the required depth of asphalt. This can be machine laid or hand laid depending on the site access and space allowed.